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tomwhitefans's Journal

The Tom White Enthusiast
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This is a free community for all fans of the world's greatest physics teacher. Quiet! and Hooray for Boobies!
95s on midterms, arm wrestling, avoiding groundhogs, beer and roman numerals, being a human being, co-ed showers, connecticut, dairy farms, datsuns, delta t, deming, endless quizzes, engineering, file cabinets, getting with people, hugs, impressing women on airplanes, insanity, kissing pictures, large delta t, paranoia, physics, physics teachers, pissing off nichelle, powerpoints, pretty fly..., psychotherapy, quiet, ra-blat, red correcting pens, running from petito, schizophrenia, scientific calculators, the white watusi, therapy, tom white, topless beaches, turkey sandwiches, wearing a sweatervest, wearing multiple sweatervests, white quotes, whooooooooooooooaaahhhhhhh, wimn, working as team